This hitch has been designed and manufactured with ease of use and operator safety in mind.


Badly worn components (valves, cylinders, etc. Disconnect is a simple jerk on the hose.


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. I tried all the tricks like turning the switch on and moving the control arm around. The XBoom Coupler&174; QC Mate incorporates special shaped Clamp Jaws that mount to the ratcheting bar clamp.

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. Hydraulic couplers, available at Agri Supply, have many applications in farming, construction and other industries. These flat face couplers sometimes lose what appears to.

If you force it on because your not close enough too many times you will ruin the coupler. Mar 28, 2021 Hey everyone Im todays video I will be showing you my broken quick coupler that quit working.

As to why, after 15 years of consistent Pioneer style.

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The pressure on the tractor side was not the problem as I could easily depress the plungers on the male fittings. .

Replace faulty components. The FEL side was another story as 2 of the female fittings would depress easily and 2 would not move with any kind of pressure I could apply.

Bad Control Valve.


Cylinder failure Loss of hydraulic pressure.

Repair or replace as necessary. Selecting quick couplers based solely on price can be a mistake when there are many couplings available to meet even the most demanding and pressurized applications. .

. . . Cylinder failure Loss of hydraulic pressure. I can see the. Kubota LX3310.

We don't grease the pins every time we grease the bucket linkage but every other time.

May 20, 2010 It may not seem that there is any pressure, but only a few pounds of pressure will make the coupler seem like it is frozen. .

Check alignment.


Oct 30, 2018 Hydraulic hose quick connect failures can damage buildings, machinery and high-value capital equipment.


On hydraulic test stands, quick-acting couplings.